LG vows further legal action against ‘knock offs’ of Tone Bluetooth headsets

This story was original written for ZDNet Korea on Aug. 3, 2015.

LG Electronics promised on Monday further legal action against providers of “knock offs” of its Tone series of Bluetooth headsets.

The South Korean electronics giant became aware of the knock offs as early as July 2014 when costumers began to bring them into LG after-service centers around the world.

LG won two legal cases in South Korea. The company promised on Monday it will also take legal action in other countries in order to protect the company’s brand image. But it admitted that it could prove more difficult as trademark infringement cases are sometimes not as cut-and-dry as they were in the two cases pursued in domestic courts.

It is near impossible to measure the impact the counterfeit products are having on sales figures of LG Electronics Tone series, a company spokesperson said.

“We’re more concerned about the damage to our reputation as the quality of these counterfeit products is inferior and customers are bringing them to LG service centers and being told we cannot repair the counterfeits. These customers are confused and understandably upset,” he said.

LG last month celebrated the sale of 10 million of its Tone series Bluetooth headsets globally since launching them in October 2010.

LG does not know how many counterfeit Tone Bluetooth headsets there are out there. Fake devices were found at markets in such countries as the United States and South Korea and even Saudi Arabia. The most popular brands of the Tone headsets for counterfeiters are the HBS730, HBS800 and HBS900.


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