Caribbean Bay hidden video appears to have been shot by iPhone spycam accessory

The perp behind the spy cam incident in South Korea that went viral and infuriated thousands of netizens — not too mention millions of women here — appears to have used a simple $70-dollar iPhone spycam accessory.

Promo photo of Everland’s Caribbean Bay

In case you do not know, a video clip went viral on the internet here in South Korea during the week Aug. 17, showing dozens and dozens of young women showering at what appears to be Caribbean Bay.

Now, for those of you who don’t know about Caribbean Bay, let me sum it up this way, so we can get to the main part of the story. It is a water park that sells sex to teenagers and young adults here in South Korea.

It has long been called a meat market for young people to hook up. I nothing against that. God bless them. As an older slacker nerd, I have never even bothered going there, because I knew better. I would just embarrass myself. Caribbean Bay is  water park for the young and the hot. By the way, it is located just south of Seoul in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province.

(And yes the place is super popular and crowded. Well, maybe less so after this scandal.)

Spy cams have been around for years– decades even– but the tech is getting much better in recent years in terms of battery life, frames per second and pic resolution.

Popular spy cams on the market include Black Box Mobius Pro Mini Action Camera, which is about two-figures wide and retails for about $80.00, and Photo COVR case which allows the photo-clicker to snap sneaky pics and video.

COVR Photo is made by a Bellevue, Washington-based startup. More on that later.  Sneaky pervert videographers are a huge concern in South Korea, maybe more here than in other big cities around the world. The Seoul Metro Police even designate the period from April 1 to July 31 as “Subway Sexual Assault Crackdown” to scare off and/or nab wannabe spycam pervs.

The poster from 2014 reads “Subway Sexual Assaults Intensive Crackdown.” The dates of the crackdown on the poster are: April1 to July 31. Is it a scare crow measure, or are the cops really cracking down?

Police focus on the city’s public transportation network which is vast and  crowded. The place with highest reported number of cases of pervy spycam activities is the area around Jongno 3-ga Station, 91 out of 971 cases in 2013. That is really a lot. Think about it. There are 100s of subway stations in Seoul and just one station out of 100s sees more than 10 percent of the total number of cases the police handled in 2013.

The incident of course infuriated women here, and it agitated Korea’s netizens to no end, too, but it also embarrassed Caribbean Bay’s parent company Everland.

Seoul Police on Aug. 18 said they started an investigation after a complaint from the Everland Resort, a company that owns the Caribbean Bay water park. But you have to wonder if the company is not also liable for allowing people’s privacy to violated like this. If you have an amusement park one should be able to expact a basic level of safety to be assured by the managers and owners, including privacy being protected to some basic extent. But that is just me, maybe.

Police said Wednesday they believe the 10-minute video footage titled, “Korean Water Park Shower Hidden Cam Videos Released,” was filmed last year before being released on a U.S.-based website. A woman in her 20s is suspected of having secretly recorded the footage.

Why do people think that a women in her 20s in particular did it. How in the world could they know that? Well, because of Korea’s netizens of course. It appears some of them analyzed the vid-clip and discovered that the person responsible for shooting the video clipped herself in a mirror for a split second. She appears to be using a device resembling a cell phone, and is pretending to be texting while secretly filming:

Netizens caught a split second reveal by the alleged perp who appears to be using COVR Photo iPhone spy cam accessory. What do you think?

The device she is using appears very much like COVR Photo. Doesn’t it? When Google Glass started shipping out
in April 2013 out to early testers privacy advocates were worried. I mean, it is true that Google Glass wearers could snap secret photos or video of anyone they were looking at.

Recently, however, two fully funded crowd sourced projects have proved that the humble iPhone can be just as secretive for sneaky snaps. COVR Photo makes taking a photo on your iPhone pretty inconspicuous.  To be  honest, this so-called “spy cam” is simply one more iPhone accessory. And as the web site says, it is meant to be able to snap “natural looking” pics and video. The COVR Photo case is made for the iPhone 5 and 5s and iPhone 6 and 6S. It features a “periscoping lens.” That means you can position the phone flat in your hand to candidly snap pictures without the subject  notices.

COVR Photo for iPhone 6 and iPhoneS6


COVR Photo for the iPhone 5/5S

Basically, you can appear to be looking at t
he screen on your phone while actually snapping a photo of the per
son or object directly in front of you, as seen below.

That is exactly what the perp is doing in the screen shot. So, I leave it to you the reader. Is it a hasty conclusion on my part to identify her spy cam device as a COVR Photo iPhone accessory? I will leave that to you guys and gals to decide.


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