Samsung TVs get top score in new South Korean brand survey


This story was written originally for ZDNet on Sep. 3, 2015.


Three domestic brands stood out most Samsung TVs, online-to-offline e-commerce site G-Market and Lotte Department Store ? among South Korean consumers as the best corporate brands, according to an nationwide brand awareness survey released Tuesday.

Those three brands scored highest among 223 businesses across 62 sectors, according to the state-run Korea Productivity Center’s National Brand Competitiveness Index (NBCI) which surveyed 120, 540 consumers in five metropolitan areas including South Korea two largest cities Seoul and Busan.

Samsung TV scored top marks by consumers in its sector with 79 points, Lotte Department Store received 76 points, and G-Market scored 75. The competitiveness of Korean copanies ticked up a couple of notches, scoring 72.3 points overall, up 2.8 percent from the previous year.

The index is used to highlight the importance of brand value among domestic companies, and to stimulate competition. It is also used by consumers to evaluate a company’s purchasing standards.

The NBCI tries to quantify on a scale of 100 the sum of brand awareness formed through the relationship between marketing and brand image. Companies use the index to help them identify brand competitiveness and inform their marketing investment decisions.

G-Market singlaed itself out for an evolved delivery service and atrategic agreements with big box outlets Home Plus and Ebay Korea which signed agreements with the open market O-to-O business in July.

The TV sector saw the biggest gains of 9.9 percent compared to last year. Broadly, 44 of the 62 industries evaluated posted growth compared to a year earlier.

But Samsung TV has consecutively ranked on top in the index for the 10 years that KPC has been conducting the survey. KPC credited Samsung’s marketing efforts.

Samsung’s marketing since February of the SUHD TV as main TV brand stood out. Samsung’s ultra-high definition televisions do not offer new resolution that somehow exceeds that of 4K UHD. Instead, “SUHD” indicates Samsung’s marketing efforts at making a premium line of 4K UHD TVs when 4K itself is still considered premium.

Samsung does not say what exactly the ‘S’ stands for, but “Super Premium” might make sense, or its own proprietary UHD brand of TV. That would indicate that the S might simply stand for “Samsung.”


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