South Korea office suite developer Hancom deepens ties with China’s King Soft


Lee Hong-koo, right, CEO of Hancom poses with China's King Soft CEO Lei Jun, who is also CEO of handset maker Xiaomi.
Lee Hong-koo, right, CEO of Hancom poses with China’s King Soft CEO Lei Jun, who is also CEO of handset maker Xiaomi.
South Korean office suite developer of Korean language programs Hancom inked another MOU with Chiense software behemoth Kingsoft to futher develop cloud computing based office software for the CHinese market on Dec. 17.

The two companies agreed to do more software exchanges and cooperation for advanced work processing programs for PC, tablets and smartphones.

This came on top of an MOU in August in Beijing to cooperate on building a web-based office solution and to explore other overseas markets, markets besides Korea and China (perhaps Japan and Southeast Asia??).

It signifies business cooperation between the two leading office software companies, which will certainly affect the global markets. Hancom is Korea’s largest office suite developer and KingSoft is China’s.

Xiaomi CEO and chairman Lei Jun doubles as chairman of KingSoft, and the company reportedly plans various joint projects with Hancom and to launch joint software solutions, as well as R&D, strategic overseas investment and M&As.


Hancom also recently bought a Belgium-based software company that specializes in enterprise PDF word programs. iText Group NV’s software allow companies to change their data on servers and web browsers into PDF files. It has been distributing open-source PDF technology and earning a profit by licensing these. It has supplied its solution to HP and GE Healthcare, who are among 3,000 of its enterprise clients.

Hancom says it wants to use iText’s brand value and clientele to expand globally. It will create new products using the PDF solution while approaching iText’s clients with its own.


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