This is Philip

Hello, there. Thanks for visiting my little blog.

I am Philip. I am an expat living and working in South Korea. I have been here on and off for nearly 20 years in a series of multi-year stints. I have been here long enough to think of South Korea as an adopted (or second) home. I love Korea as much as I love America, and I am rooting for the Koreans as a people.

I have been in journalism since 2005. I currently work for the tech news outlet ZDNet, and I previously worked for The Korea Times and The Korea Herald. Those experiences were pretty crazy, because the Herald and the Times are pretty unusual, to the say the least.

But the experience left me with a lot more knowledge about what it is like in South Korea and what South Korean journalism is all about. The experience has also made me a better reporter and an informed Korea observer.

I interacted closely with officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, foreign diplomatic missions in South Korea (including the US, Russian, and Japanese embassies among others), the Seoul Metro Police Agency, Seoul City Hall, the Unification Ministry, and many, many other South Korean government organizations, as well as the USFK, Korean corporations, and groups in civil society.

I hope you like the small selection of stories I have managed to upload to this blog. I have written thousands of stories over the years on a broad range of Korea- and Asia-related issues, including the ones you would expect, such as articles about North Korea. But other ones, too, such as international security, diplomacy, South Korean domestic politics, Asia travel, technology, K-pop and food.

Nowadays, I work at ZDNet covering a broad range of technology issues. So, you will likely see more stuff related to that, but I will try to upload stuff I have done in the past, as well as whatever else that I am thinking about.

In addition to tech outlets ZDNet and Cnet, I also have stories published by The Diplomat, The Jakarta Globe, Chosun Ilbo’s Premium Chosun (Korean language), The Korea Herald, The Korea Times, The Korea Observer, Asia Online, Morning Calm Magazine, Real Clear Defense, Korea54Club, Buddhist News, War News Updates, Han Cinema, AsiaOne, Asia News Network,, HvinoNews, The Buddhist Channel TV, among others.

Please like and comment. I will try to respond to them.

You can contact me on twitter, facebook and by email, too: Thank you for your time and attention.


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